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Literature-Non Mature
Holiday Season
Dark Horror, Macabre 'ALL'
Fractal+Animation, Abstract,
Adoptables, Auctions
Visual Literature Greeting cards
Nudes-Mature themes
Religious Oriented
Line art and quality sketches
2D animations, and Collages
old folders
Ideologically Sensitive


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Gallery Folders and Content

You can find the Gallery Folders and Admissible Content for each folder in the link below. If you have any question please contact us by sending the group a note, or one of the admin. We will respond as soon as possible. Please bare with us while we go through this transition phase.
SharpenEdge New Gallery FoldersNEW GALLERY RULES:  PLEASE READ:Submission Rate is one a day.  If somehow you are allowed to submit more then that, all after the 1st will be declined.  Hopefully this will not happen again.  If you have a problem, or need to submit a couple more, I will try to accommodate you, but only by request.  I am asking members to become a voice and part of this club and help me make it a popular club.  No flames, no trolls, play nice.  
WARNING Some Non Mature folders may contain nudity,  Make sure your MATURE FILTER is on if you are disturbed or do not want to see them!  These will be mild, as opposed to the mature content folder.
Please read Group Rules, pg 1 for changes in allowable content and other new group rules.


If anyone has any questions as to which folder is the proper folder, there will be more detailed information within the folder itself

You can find the Gallery rules here or on our main page.
New SharpenedEdge Rules update:Welcome Fellow SharpenedEdge Members
After much deliberation with SharpenedEdge's staff we have drawn up an update on our gallery rules.  Some work that was accepted in the past will no longer be accepted.  We cannot please everyone, so am sure some people will not like our UPDATED RULES.  As most of our members know, we do not like to decline work as we do not like to have our own work declined, but we have found out, that there are some art that we cannot in good conscience accept anymore.  We WILL continue to move pictures that are accidentally submitted to the wrong folder, but please help us and keep it to a minimum.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  We will continue to attempt to comment on all pieces, but there will be noted exceptions which will be listed below.  We will still try to give mini critiques when possible, but if you really want one, please ask, and we will do our best to do so.  In return we do ask that our members

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Members In and Around DA

You take commissions,

send me a note, and I will start a new page for commissions.

You have an adoptable,

I will add it to a new page for that.

You have an auction,

I will start a new page for that.

I need to hear from members, How can we help you? Please let me know.

Thank You
Aura Dawn, New Founder.

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Thanks for the Gandalf request! :D
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This is some pretty edgy stuff.
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Thank you for featuring my work. Really appreciated :)
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interesting I think I would like to join your group and I think that I can add something maybe an admin staff or something along those lines
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Very grateful that added my art in your Gallery! ...but, I can be a member of the group?

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because of the anime porn i've seen on this club im out of it!!
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