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OK.  Hope this description of what the contest is about is understand able.  It making a post card.  Includes a picture and writing.  So no artist has an advantage over another.  The goal of the contest is who can convey the theme given to you so that the words along with the picture allows me to believe that I am there.  You don't have to a beautiful artist, but the written part needs to be formatted so it can be read easily.  

THEME:  I am wanting to visit someone over the December holiday, but know nothing of how your town/city/village celebrates their holiday season or you.  Your going to Make me a postcard,  You need to entice me with a description and a picture.  Don't care if cartoon, fantasy picture, as long as the idea is real.  If you want to have you as a mermaid or barbarian go for it.  If you want you to be represented by an Antrho, go for it,  But the holiday theme must be present in that picture.  And it needs to represent where you live.   Use the address on the sample or it may not come to me.   Before you say you can't participate, look at the examples.   All you need to do is seduce me into coming there for the holidays with both words and art.  The contest will be judged on both, not just one.  Besides if you don't know how your town celebrates, google it.  Darn it can't be that hard.  Everything you want to know can be found on the internet, even the color of your socks you have on, if you know how to search.    So come on don't give up before you start, that is just a cop out.  Really want this contest to be unique and different.
Any questions please ask

As it stands, these are the prizes.  More may be forth coming so keep watch

1st  place 3 month premium membership + 400 :points: or 1036 :points: Your choice  + :iconlady-dragonrose: says she will do a portrait of a character or from a photo for the winner.  Possibly :iconange10: will also do a picture.  Waiting for confirmation on it and will edit this when that is received
2nd place 3 month premium membership + 60:points: or 696 :points: Your choice   + :iconwyverra: says will do a bust or a portrait of a character in a cartoon stylization
3rd  place I mo premium membership or 396 :points:  :iconnocturnahx: says will do a colored full body character with a fantasy cartoon style (human, monster, humanoid
1st & 2nd honorable mention 150 :points: each.  + :iconcurvy-tribal: says will do a tribal representing an animal or abstract.  Must confer with winners first.

Also all 5 of the contest winners' work will be featured for at least 2wks.

Still could use someone to do picture for 2nd and 3rd place.  Would offer, but 3D characters are really hard to design and takes a long time plus my art not quite as good as most of you all.

Here are two simple samples, but hey folks did these in very short time also doing these was out of my element as mine is 3D,  just done to show you anybody has a chance.</font>
Bodi Day by Aura-Dawn  Happy Hanukkah by Aura-Dawn  DO NOT MAIL,  Submit this card to the "Post Card Contest" folder.

Please contact either :iconaura-dawn:  or :iconflamingodancer123: to donate other prizes or any questions.  Will be happy to answer.

This contest will be as fair as is possible.  But only members in good standing can enter.  Each entry will consist of two or more forms of art.  The contest Date had been extended to DEC. 2nd, 2014. At midnight Pacific time due to School and other things for this time of year.  THIS WILL BE THE LAST POSSIBLE EXTENSION, so no more request to do so please.   I One entry per member please.

If we don't get enough participents, then will see no need for future contest.  Good luck

Contest will be judged by Aura Dawn.

(oh, don't try to seduce me to visit you this holiday season by having mad orgies  it won't work and will  only be a waste of the entry.)

It has come to my attention that some people may not understand how to do this so have made three templates that you can use.  One is adobe, one is png, the other is corel photo paint.  Most of you use a graphic program.  If not download one of these templates and use it then scan in the whole works.   first one is corel photo paint, you just have to download it from my from the link, no thumb sorry  Adobe  Template for adobie by Aura-Dawn  png Template for adobie by Aura-Dawn  hope this helps

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Monday, December 22nd @ 9:00am

Please, if you are a member, join our first ever contest before the clock runs out!! We are doing this once, if it is a success, we will occasionally have others, but this one has to be a success!! Check out the rules, any questions, please contact
:iconaura-dawn: or :iconflamingodancer123:

Why do you belong to a group 

52 deviants said A place to get help and inspiration
37 deviants said A place to dispay my work and nothing else
11 deviants said other please comment

Welcome to Sharpened Edge


Welcome fellow club members.

Here at "SharpenedEdge" we have one thing in mind, that is our Members. As long as possible will try to showcase different folder's new works. A lot of this depends upon our groups status. There are few rules here, other then play nice, no trolling. Not all of us speak the same language but in this group English is required. Not all of us are proficient in English so instead of getting angry when not quite understanding a comment, ask.

Try to think of others when visiting our group. You submit pictures because you want to share and probably enjoy when someone comments. I know I do. So take a moment to to view a picture and make a comment, It will make someones day. Am knowing it would mine.

Remember this is a group. A group is where everyone participates. If no one cares to participate in our group other then posting pictures then it is not a group, but just someplace to post pictures. Not what am trying to create. There are hundreds of those sites.

So follow the Submission Rules, Participate, Contribute, and help us grow.

NO ART THAT INSTILLS NEGATIVE FEELINGS WILL BE ALLOWED, THIS INCLUDES LITERATURE. Consider this rude if you wish, but this group is one of caring not one to save the world with fear or hate. Also no new members will be allowed who's work inspires such negative feelings!!

New Sharpened Edge Gallery RulesGALLERY RULES:  PLEASE READ:
Submission Rate is one a day.  If somehow you are allowed to submit more then that, all after the 1st will be declined.  Hopefully this will not happen again.  If you have a problem, or need to submit a couple more, I will try to accommodate you, but only by request.  I am asking members to become a voice and apart of this club and help me make it a popular club.  No flames, no trolls, play nice.  
All folders may contain some nudity,  Make sure your MATURE FILTER is on if you are disturbed or do not want to see them!  These will be mild, as opposed to the mature content folder.
"FOUL LANGUAGE IN *TITLE* OR IN THE *DESCRIPTION*  WILL BE DECLINED INSTANTLY OR DELETED FROM OUR GALLERIES! ! ! Any such language posted on or in any note, message, or comment anywhere within this group will be hidden.  ****A WARNING WILL BE GIVEN

Want to Help us Help you?

Members In and Around DA

You take commissions,

send me a note, and I will start a new page for commissions.

You have an adoptable,

I will add it to a new page for that.

You have an auction,

I will start a new page for that.

I need to hear from members, How can we help you? Please let me know.

Thank You
Aura Dawn, New Founder.



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Sushi-Soda Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much for liking my art. 
As for the contest. I don't think I'm able, to because of schoolwork. But i can try.... maybe. but overall thank you for liking my chibis. 
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Gabrix89 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much sharpen edge to like my art!!!! This is a really great group, i'm really proud to be a member! :D:D
I'm looking foward to get a daily deviation ;D
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JK-Antwon Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Comics Cartoons OC's folder does not allow me to submit any art to it?
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fmr0 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Thank you kindly for the feature!     Rose
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Lady-Dragonrose Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Tackling hug 
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sylverface Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much =D
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Sillybilly60 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank you kindly for the requests! :rose:
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TheMoonCriedOut Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the submission request for my photograph "100 1755." :hug:
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bohomaz13 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Thank You
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AndySerrano Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for asking me to submit "Cherry Blossom Dancer" to your gallery.
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